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4 Common mistakes we make in early relationships

by Maddison Nolan
4 Common mistakes we make in early relationships

You’ve finally met someone new, and everything seems to be going great. But the first few months are crucial to how you establish your future as a couple. There are some common mistakes than can break a relationship way before it even gets started.

Here are four common mistakes we make in early relationships.

When you like someone, chances are you want to share everything with them such as your favorite food or troubles at home. While learning about each other’s interest is ideal, discussing particular issues with family or how many years you spent in counseling isn’t something to talk about. Take time to examine meaningful discussions later on in the relationship.

Brag on Social Media

A new relationship is fun to share, but you don’t need to tag your partner in every single photo you take, every time you hang out. Having one or two good pictures are better than an entire album for one outing. You don’t have to like all their pictures on Facebook or Instagram either. While it might be tempting to search for photos of their ex, nothing good will come from it.

Sudden Trust Issues

During the early stages, trust shouldn’t be an issue. Whether you’re just starting to hang out or becoming exclusive, acting insecure with trust issues will make you seem desperate. Consider how they would feel if they were constantly calling and texting while you were out or didn’t respond immediately? Treat them the say would as you would expect in return.

Ignoring Warning Signs

Sometimes we tend to get well-involved in a new relationship that we overlook major differences and ignore red flags. While passion and communication are important, other factors must be considered like responsibility, attitude, and behavior.

Got any mistakes you regret making in your relationships? Comment below and share your story with us!