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5 Ways to improve your relationship

by Maddison Nolan
5 Ways to improve your relationship

When it comes to dating and relationships, not everyone knows what to do to make a relationship strong and last. These moves will help build your relationship and keep it going.
Here are five ways to improve your relationship.

Learn to be compassionate and understanding

It takes more than a listening ear to show your spouse support. Show your partner you understand and care for them as this will help improve the relationship for years to come.

Make time for intimacy

Making Out Young Man Woman Happy People Couple

Couples who stay intimate at least once a week report to having relationship satisfaction. Why? Having weekly sex makes partners feel less stressed and happier. Go ahead and send a spicy text every once in a while. According to studies from Drexel University, sexting has been shown to increase sexual satisfaction.

Allow time to reflect but doing a formal check in.

This could help strengthen and repair bonds between couples. Weekly meetings will allow you to talk about responsibilities, what’s on each other’s minds, and make time dedicated to handling special issues alone. This will help couples feel validated, comfortable and respected.

Turn off the phone

In today’s generation, our eyes have become glued to our phones and handheld devices. We are always carrying a conversation, checking updates on the last games and notifications all day long. Being unable to focus on a conversation with your partner while on the phone can lead to adverse effects on the relationship.

Plan date nights

Couples who report to being happy in their relationship are mostly those who spend couple together. While not all couples can afford to plan regular date night outs, a simple dinner and a movie at home without distractions will work. What matters is the quality time that is spent together without stress or negative distractions.

Got any other tips on how to improve your relationship? Comment below and tell us what you think!