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6 Common myths about online dating

by Maddison Nolan
6 Common myths about online dating

Dating online can be a scary thing for newcomers. But what makes it even worse that the many myths people add onto it. Check out the top six common myths about online dating.

“Everyone Lies on Online Dating Sites”

Fact: Many believe that dating sites are used by people trying to take advantage and sell themselves as something they’re not. While research shows that people do tend to exaggerate, more people are likely to lie in other social situations. The truth is a majority of people online are genuine in looking for a long-term relationship.

“Only desperate people use online dating.”

Fact: Surprisingly, online dating is utilized by the general population as many people use it as a way to meet someone online. Many couples claim to owe their success to meeting online and that if they hadn’t, they wouldn’t have ever met in public. The idea of online dating is for people to meet someone who either has little time or prefer to eliminate unlikely candidates.

“Online love doesn’t last long.”

Some say that love found online won’t last. However, this is completely hard to determine as online dating hasn’t been around for more than a decade. People assume that even if you do go on a date, this doesn’t necessarily mean you will become dangerous as chances are they are dating other people too. Don’t focus on canceling your subscription. Instead, concentrate on meeting new people.

“Online dating is embarrassing.”

Almost a decade ago, people felt embarrassed to go public about using online dating as a platform for finding new love. Now, online dating is used as a major way of dating and becoming a social norm.

“Online dating is impersonal.”

With today’s technology, we tend to do everything online, from paying bills, shopping, and staying in touch with friends and family. While online dating shouldn’t be used to replace personal interactions, it is a great foundation to meeting someone without the anxiety.

Go ahead and try online dating for yourself. You never know how you might find. Comment below and tell us what you think!