IAG Center - Dating and Relationships - IAG Center - Dating and Relationships will help you find your potential life partner with our online consultants.

How we help

IAG Center – Dating and Relationships will help guide you through the dating process confidently to find that special partner. We put our years of experience to good use and will guide you through every scene and dating scenario.


Dating counseling and consulting can be beneficial to those who struggle with finding the right approach to the opposite sex. We offer services to help singles all over the globe find themselves and what they’re looking for.

Confident Approach

– We will contribute to helping you learn how to approach someone in a social setting through role play confidently.

Improve Etiquette on Dating

– Need help with your dating skills? We will help diagnose your minor faults and make dating less frustrating.

Relationship Issues

– Learn how to resolve relationship problems and rekindle romance effectively.

– Need help breaking up with your current spouse with respect? We will help you build up the courage and break up respectfully to save both parties from hurt feelings.

Breakup Detox

– Can’t get over a bad breakup that is causing you to become anti-social? We will help you through a dating detox to help you move on and become stronger than before.

Get Out of the “Friend Zone.”

– Want to date someone you know but feels stuck in the “friend zone?” We will help guide you through the process of becoming something more and let your crush know how you feel.

Flirting 101

– Want to improve your flirting? We will help you practice your techniques, tone, body language, and facial expressions as well as communicate effectively.

Here at IAG Center – Dating and Relationships, we will help you find a safe place to find love and a lifetime of happiness.